6 Web Designing That Helps You Create Cool Websites

Today, the websites has turned out as the world’s biggest medium of information and data exchange. The ideas and techniques of web designing and development have given a big breakthrough in the world of web as because of these you are not able to make different online applications. There are so many applications, which are used to develop and design websites that help the designers to come out with quality outcome. There are countless software applications and tools, which help the designers to work with different website design projects. The following are some of the best applications available for web designing. Let’s check them out:

Amy Editor

Using this application for web designing, gives you a feeling that you are using an OS X based web application since this is the place, where this editing tool gets you the visual cues for you. Apart from helping you in your coding work, Amy Editor is considered as the richest features based editor in the list of other editing applications. It helps you in opening up different files in multiple tabs wherein you get to see syntax showcasing support for a number of languages, which help you in managing several projects within the editor. Lastly, you could also see find few basic debugging support as well.


This application is among the best web based photo editors, which easily integrates with Flickr, while its various features are seen simply the best. Picnik is also a good choice for people, who are keen to add some special effects to the website design using its advance features. Using this application is very easy as you could find its user interface very intuitive in its nature. It supports also some of the complex kind of layers and is considered to be a good alternative for photoshop. The key features of picnic include fixing images in single click and using several advanced controls for fine tuning the results. It also helps in cropping, resizing and rotating the images in the real time along with giving you opportunity to add loads of special effects. You can work with Picnik at any platform including Windows, Mac and Linux. This application comes for free.

Web 2.0 Logo Generator

This is among the best logo design application for website designers and developers. Creating different logos are simple using the Web 2.0 Logo Generator. All you need to do is to enter the desired features of logos manually and by creating over the button Create logo, you will end up getting your desired logo. Hence if you do not have any background of creating logos, even then you could do wonders with this logo generating application. But the designs, which are created using this application, are simply limited in numbers. Web 2.0 Logo Generator is available for free and proves out to be a quick solution to create logos for your website designs.

Flash Banner now

This application also comes for free, which helps the designer to create Flash banners found over different websites or blogs. Using the Flash Banner now is very simple since it’s a very user friendly application as the outcome coming out often seems to be very attractive. This application helps you in choosing some of the best fonts from its huge collection of font base along with adding transition effects to the design and many more interesting things. Using this application could help you to give an edge to your website ads.


This web application carries a text box, where you could enter your content and make several changes in terms of colors, size and font style as per your requirements along with collecting different CSS codes for your web design project. Hence Typetester is also a code generator with good amount of functionality, which helps in designing cool web designs.


This website design application helps a lot in designing a website with different functions and layouts as per your choice. It is basically an online tool, which helps you a lot in your editing work having a drag and drop interface that allows you in learning the methods of developing any website without actually worrying much about the codes. So, even people with no programming background are comfortable in creating cool websites using this application -Wix. This is basically a free application; however, getting the premium one allows you better and advance features, which are not available in the free option.

Final word

The web designers and developers are often a busy people, and using the applications like these could really help them to save time and create good designs. All these tools are affordable and can promise you some of the best outcomes for your web design projects.

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