10 Add-On Services Designers Can Sell To Your Existing Clients

Want to make more money from graphic design with minimal effort?  Offer your clients the following 10 add-on services, then take your cut to increase revenue without increasing your workload.

1. Printing

Any time you design a business card, brochure, postcard, poster or any other print marketing item, you should present clients the option of handling the printing for them.  Some online printing companies let designers resell printing, and just about any printing company will work with you so you can charge the same price they do and both parties profit.  In this manner, you’re not screwing your client, but you’re making money from doing little more than forwarding an email to your printer.

 2.  Web development

If you aren’t a coder, partner with a web developer to handle your coding needs so you can sell complete websites, rather than the design aspect alone.

 3. Mobile app development

In the same vein, you can partner with a mobile app developer to offer your clients mobile apps without ever breaking a sweat – or typing a single line of code.

4. Ad placement

Work with an advertising specialist to offer your customers ad placement online, in newspapers and magazines, and even on restaurant placemats.

5.  Search engine optimization

Many firms offer white label SEO services; review several and determine which might be a good fit to offer your customers.

6. Social media management

You’ll never have to log in to Facebook for your clients if you work with a third-party provider who doesn’t mind working behind the scenes; and why should they?

 7. Blogging

You don’t have to be a good writer to hire a small team of bloggers to handle your clients’ blogging needs.  Or, work with a third-party white label blogging service already equipped to do so.

 8. Hosting and support

If your clients have websites, they need hosting and support.  You can contract with a third-party company to handle these aspects for you, and get your fair shake off the top.

 9. Marketing plans

In many cases, your designs are part of overall marketing plans.  If your clients do not have extensive marketing plans, offer to create one for them that meets their budget.  Then, have a third-party marketing plan expert do the work, and you both get paid.

 10.Videos and Photography

Photographers and videographers routinely partner with graphic designers to produce commercials, YouTube videos, product shots, portrait shots, action shots, and more.  Rather than offer referrals, work out deals with your selected providers to ensure you both profit – a finder’s fee of sorts.

 Final Words

In most cases, companies already exist to serve you as a behind-the-scenes provider.  Some pay a commission for referrals, but in most cases you’re better off working out a deal for a wholesale price, then setting your own prices on top of that.  In this manner, you can charge the same fee as the provider so you are protecting your customers (or charge a few bucks less to make your deal more attractive).  At the same time, you get to make more money without lifting a finger.  That’s smart business.

Guest Post by Brain

Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint and Facebook.

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