7 Mishaps to avoid that could turn your layout into a disaster

With a good presentation and garnish, you can give a simple dish an extremely tempting appeal. Much in line goes your layout, which contribute considerably towards highlighting a web site. In the myriad of the web world, you would not want all your efforts to turn up for the bad owing to a bad layout.

While there are many essential ingredients for a good layout, there are some, which demarcate it from a bad one. Avoid these mishaps to turn your layout into a creative platform.

1. The trivial white space

Not really! If you have to struggle finding the white space to rest your eyes, consider it a word of caution. A layout short of white space does not indicate that your web site is falling short of information. You can have abundant information even with generous white space. Wanting to put all the information on the first page itself can be repelling for the readers, even though the content is superior. Beginners usually find limiting the white space a good idea. The dependency on redundant ideas has overwhelmed designers. However, it is best to use your own judgment and creativity rather than replicating customs.

2. Typography is not only about fonts

Presentation is an essential component to layout. Do not ignore the way you present the small letters. Many web sites score well over others just because of good typography. Considering the type of web site, typography needs particular attention and goes beyond just selecting any of the fonts. Unevenly spaced or crammed text is difficult to read. Be liberal with the spacing on your layout.

3. Inconsistency in images

The image works in conjugation with the content and layout to increase the overall impact. An inconsistent or uninspiring image not only lowers the readability but also speaks wrongly. Incorrect choice of image can be disaster for your layout. The message, which you want to convey, should be bold and clear. There is no better way to catch attention than an image, which speaks for itself.

4. Blending colors for the good or the bad?

Colors can be fun for your layout. However, a bad combination of colors can be scary.

Desaturate your files and observe the difference between various elements. If the difference is clear, you are safe. People with sight trouble will view the layout black and white (or grey). If your layout competes successfully on the accessibility standards relate to chromatic, the combination should work well.

5. The accessibility test

Designers should not be selfish and self-centered by making the web sites inaccessible. Making web sites accessible, comprehensively to all in the virtual world, is essential. Earlier, using tables was considered the right way to present data like weights, prices, etc. Recently, the concept creates more difficulty than simplicity. Tables can cause accessibility problems for readers, resulting in declining trend of being used in layout. The overwhelming cryptic codes are no more acceptable. Instead, cascading style sheets control web layout.

6. Overwhelming information on single page

Balancing the page with information is critical to layout. Just as having white space is important, having proportionate information is significant. A page loaded with all sorts of information can baffle and confuse the reader. There is great possibility that he/she gets overpowered by a catchy icon and finds it hard to scan the web site for appropriate utilization. Having an unfriendly layout can prove disaster for your layout.

7. Not thinking progressively

By thinking in advance, you can avoid the mistakes and corrections considerably. By having a big picture layout right from the start, you can utilize the resources optimally. Although this comes with experience, you can be proactive and avoid committing blunders.

Final Thoughts

Identifying the mistakes can serve to make the web site attractive for people. Designing is subjective and entails elaborate aspects. What seems attractive to you may not be acceptable to others.

About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a writer who is all into tech stuff. She loves spending on gadgets and recently bought a cool new 3g USB modem and wireless headphones. She also happens to be a hardcore biker and dreams of owing “One”, a futuristic bike.

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