3 Things to Remember When Designing a Logo

A logo is one of the most important aspects of a company’s image. It signifies your brand value to the rest of the world. It is something that sets your company apart other companies, and a popular logo speaks volume about the goodwill that a product or service provider has earned among its client base.

In turn, an interesting logo can also generate a buzz for your product, and make it tick among your prospective customers. Therefore, designing a good logo is a crucial part of any well thought out marketing campaign. If you are also considering designing a new logo for your new company, or simply hoping to change this brand insignia, there are a few things that you should be careful about:

1. Drafts Are Essential

You simply cannot skip the stage of preliminary sketching, when it comes to creating a great company logo. A good brand logo is the product of many hours of ideating, innovating, trials, and errors. You can never achieve a truly great logo – the one that catches instant eyeballs and becomes iconic –overnight.

So, make sure to experiment with lots of ideas and combinations, on paper or your personal computer, before you can zero in on a logo that is unique and exciting.

Sure there are times, when people end up creating a great logo, at a single go. These times, however, are rare, and most designers have to make 20 to 30 drafts, before they end up making a final piece that is satisfactory to their clients.

2. Put Serious Thought into Your Color Scheme

A good logo designer, worth his bread, knows how certain colors can create a powerful impact on the beholder. If you go wrong with your color scheme, you are sure to end up distancing your clients and customers, alike. On the other hand, smart use of the palette can attract them, and make them by spend their cash on your products.

Herein, it is a good idea to use smart monochromes and subtle hues in your logos. Other designers also choose to play with the different tones of a single color, to create some brilliant results. Of course, your final selection should depend on the nature of your product, and your prospective client base.

 3. Get Your Font Right

There is something about the right font choice that can secure the path to the logo ‘Hall of Fame’. If you take one good look at all the legendary logos of the world, you would see that their typography has made all the difference to their otherwise simple design. So, when you decide to don the designer hat, make sure that you have a good font for your logo.

Try to avoid common fonts like comic sans, if you want to look professional and different. Further, make sure that your font size is legible, at all the common scales that are used in advertising.

If you really want to make a great impact, then customizing your own font is highly recommended. Consulting with a Web Designer NYC will help you create a unique font for your company.

The overall appearance that your logo should have is of an understated simplicity. By following the above three suggestions, you can achieve this look that will make your logo popular.

 Guest Post by Brenda Lyttle


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