10 Tools to Help You Improve Your Website

There are hundreds of tools available to improve your website in a variety of ways. This tool will make your website more user friendly, seo friendly & will get more conversion.

Using the right tool will have you create the right look (design), make it user friendly (usability), help your site rank better in search engines (SEO), put it in front of the prospective customers (Marketing), and provide information that attracts and converts (Content).

Here are the list of my top ten favorites tools that will help you improve your website.

1. Five Second Test

It is a free usability testing service that gives the testers 5 seconds to give you feedback after you ask them a question. Each test can be public or conducted by inviting people privately.

You can do this three ways; Classic, Compare and Sentiment. In Classic testing, you show a screenshot of your website, then hide it and ask people what they remember. The Compare model compares two screenshots, while Sentiment asks them to pick their favorite elements on a page.

2. Eyequant

This Tool helps to optimize the visitor’s attention on your website. It tells you where the reader will look and what they will see. It provides almost all the benefits of an eye tracking program.

All you have to do is upload your website screenshots to the site and Eyequant will come up with the results within seconds.

3. Test My Message

This is a great tool that reviews your copy before you publish it. Now you can craft a copy that engages your audience and compels them to act on your call to action. Their copywriting experts will review your copy and make recommendations on how to improve and polish it so you get the best results.

You can get this service with an incredibly low cost.

4. Concept Feedback

Concept Feedback is a great tool that does exactly what it says. It gives you feedback on your website – and that is always a good thing.

You upload your website concept in the community and specify what is it that you want to achieve. The members (designers, marketers and web developers) give you high quality, objective and pertinent advice. There is also an option to ask for help in a private manner. Best of all, it is totally free.

5. Premise

Premise is a brainchild of copyblogger media. It creates landing pages with wordpress installation. You can add graphics, visuals, fonts, colours and styles without the need to use any code. You can create hundreds of pages with point and click design controls.

You can also do your split testing easily and it integrates with Google Optimizer. Last but not the least; it comes with great copywriting advice as a bonus.

6. Google Labs Browser Sizing

This tool is fantastic at making sure the important parts of the page’s user interface are visible to your entire audience.

When you create content, you want people to be able to see all of it on their browser windows. Google Browser Size tells you that exactly. This is particularly important because you want to display most important and relevant information above the fold and in places that visitors can actually see it.

 7. Userfly

It allows you to see videos of reader behaviour on your website. You can see where they go most of the time, which pages are they abandoning, and where are they clicking. It helps you to identify points where you are leaking readers.

You can quickly pinpoint problem areas such as broken links and correct them before you lose more visitors.

 8. Wordtracker

It is a serious SEO tool. It optimizes your website by looking up the best keywords for your site and business.

You definitely want more business, right? You want to find out what the potential customers are looking for. You can turbo charge your traffic generation strategies by using this tool.

9. Google Website Optimizer

It helps your test your design and content in real time. And it is free to use.  You upload a few different variations of your pages and GWO alternates them as people are visiting your site. (It makes sure the each visitor gets to see the same version).

With the results, you can make real changes in your design and content to maximize your conversion rate.

10. Headway

This a customizable theme that is very ease to use. You can drag and drop and with a few clicks you are good to go. This is a great option for those who wish to avoid using html scripts and coding.

Your Turn

Which tools do you think are great for optimizing your site. What would you recommend?

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