10 Fantastic New Color Palettes

Your choice of color is at the very foundation of crafting striking designs; picking the perfect hue is paramount to developing a visually attractive design that’s both creative and memorable. For your inspiration, here are 10 fantastic new color palettes you can incorporate into your own web, poster, brochure and other graphic designs.


1.Rockets by volvenon

The pinkish “Outdated Milk” adds the perfect contrasting accent to this palate’s darker hues.


2.Paper Planes by hypaticae

This elegant color palette could be used for anything from a poster to a flyer to a website to a mobile app. To me, it suggests use for a refined men’s style market.


3.Very Very Fine House by sherrydee846

This bright-yet-smooth palette would be perfect for a home fashion or remodeling website, a corporate brochure, or even a kids-based business brand.


4.Noa by LittleLadybird

The creamy “Shall I Turn My Face” softens this fun, bright color palette to lend class and elegance.


5.Horse Fields by love story

Earthy tones match this palette’s fitting moniker. Horse Fields would be an excellent color palette choice to market any company from a style salon to a chocolatier.


6.Classy Chic by emmy1992

If you cater to a style-savvy women’s market, this soft yet exciting color palette might make the perfect choice.


7.Some Like It Hot by MLimachino

I love contrast in a color palette, and the oranges in this palette add energy to the dark base.


8.Coral Lagoon by susanmbaker

Developing color hues that stray from the norm makes your designs more attractive, which is why the fun Coral Lagoon is a fantastic palette for a fashion company or even a high-tech firm.


9.Franklin by Myers

A refined palette based in grays and blues with the perfect contrasting color: a buttery yellow.


10.Hot Sauce by manie55

Spice up your design with this bright, energetic color palette inspired by hot sauce.


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