10 Essential Tips for designing Ecommerce sites

Finding useful information about important areas of eCommerce websites can be quite hard with the massive amount of information out there on web. Here is a list of what we believe are essential tips for designing ecommerce websites, that will help you design a site that is user friendly & high on conversion.

Below is list of 10 Essential Tips for designing Ecommerce sites, that will help you design a great site.

 1.Provide Best User Experience

Structure your website for the best user experience. Remember that your website isn’t an information website, users are going to be searching for goods and you are hoping that your eCommerce website is going to convert. This can all start with the initial user experience.

2.Simple Navigation

Keep your navigation simple so that users can easily browse products by categories, brands etc. Make it easy for them to find the product they want, rather than hard.

3.Search Bar

Always design your eCommerce website with a search bar. Although the search function will lie more with the website development than design, a user should be able to find the search bar easy so that they can search for products based on their names or product IDs.


Have a well design banner / header for your website that clearly states your trading name. You can also use your logo and use this as an opportunity to display what your eCommerce store is all about (clothes based banner for example).

 5. Promotional Offers your Homepage

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Put your promotional offers your homepage. By displaying products on sale or promotional offers on your home page can make a visitor want to look more. Everyone enjoys saving money so use this as a way to entice them into browsing your website more.

 6. Perfect Product Page

Take time making the perfect product page. This is going to be the actual selling point to the customer so it is vital that it looks the part. Make sure you have multiple product images and the relevant information that will make a visitor want to buy the product.

 7.Make your website look unique

Make your eCommerce website look unique. More often than not it is simply easier to copy the general design idea of another eCommerce website in the same field. This can be penalised and look cheap so it is best to make your design as unique as possible.

 8. WWW guidelines

Take into account WWW guidelines for usability ensuring that anybody can use your website to its maximum potential.

 9.Visible Shopping Cart

The user should have visibility of their shopping basket at all times. This will let them see what they have already brought and how much they have spent. With out being able to see this they might order more products or forget certain items and become frustrated with your website.

10.Promote Other Products

Design your product page so that you can promote other products that the customer might be interested. An example of this is if you are selling a bed; make sure that there is a link to a comfy mattress in a separate section on that product page. This is a great way to grab extra sales through very relevant products.

Final Thoughts

Follow our tips for designing ecommerce websites today and improve your conversion rates.

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