25 Fresh Brochure Design Examples For Your Inspiration

For company or organization brochure are great way to advertise their product & services. Gone are the days when brochure were just a sheet of paper with information, with designers creativity going wild brochures are completely transferred into something more interesting & eye catching material that not only engage customers but also provoke them to take actions.

Today’s post showcases 25 Fresh brochure design examples that uses different design elements like Typography, colors, minimalist design & more. If you looking out for printing services that offers low cost & high quality prints for printing your brochure than PrintRunner offer great services.

 1.Weil Werbung

Wonderful use of orange & black color combined with typography


Multi-Fold brochure design with effective use of color text & images

3.Truth Branding

Colors, Type & background images make this brochure interesting.


Colors,colors & some more colors is this brochure all about

 5.The Boston Museum

Effective use of red colors make this brochure eye catching.

 6.The Big 6

Brochure showcasing the use of images to complement the information on the brochure.

7.Talk with Me!

Typography that compliment the multi-fold of  the brochure

8.Supercars Asia 2012

Effective use of photography in designing the brochure.

9.Studio Graficzne Raspberry

Use of white spaces with colorful circles that act as background of the brochure.

10.Safety Culture Snapshot

The cutout throughout the brochure describes the information within the brochure.

 11.Red Hook

12.Rebrand – Brochure


Effective use of cutout with colors to demonstrate a development company

14.Only in Old Town

Use of neon colors make this brochure more interesting.


Multi-fold brochure which hides the 3d cutout.

16.NYPL Brochure

Simple, minimalist brochure design

 17.MV Teachers


18.MediaPro — Brochure

The transparent sheet between the pages when turn unveils the hidden typography

19.Louis Vuitton – Invitation Origami

Creative use of origami in brochure design


 21.Hardware Store Brochure


 23.Duke Global Health Institute



 25.Adam & Eve Law Firm

Simple typography with proper paper makes is a perfect brochure for law frim


26. Deattached – The secrets I keep

Not really a brochure, but a CD cover which shows creativity at it best.

Your Turn

Tell us which brochure you found the most interesting. If you ask me my personal favorite is No 8

25 Beautifully Designed Business Cards Using Typography

Conveying a right & effective message for your business is important & business cards are one of the essential element of any business organization or individual. Today’s post showcases effective use of typography in business card design. This beautifully design business card are not only eye catching but also communicates your business message more efficiently.

If you are a designer & looking for inspiration for business card design than this post is right place to start with to get yourself inspired with 25 beautifully designed business cards using typography also you can use printing services like PrintRunner to easily print your designs.

 1. We The Printers

  2. We The Print


   3. Alexander Thomas – Graphic Designer

4. Camilo Langlade


 5. Johann Peter Rupert

 6. Timothay Cruz

 7. Painter

 8. Iamtiago

 9. CraftBeetMarket.ca

 10.We are manic

11. Derrick Baker

  12.Barman Willie






 16. Design


 17. Borrow or Rob

 18. Editors Business Card


 19. Graphic Designer


 21. Telegraph

 22. I do Art


 23. Joel Felix


 24. Mike James

   25. Hello

 Your Turn

Tell us which card do you like the most from the list or share with us the card design you came across was the best.

Get Inspired! Minimalistic Typography

You don’t have to write a lot to say a lot. In fact, sometimes less is more when it comes to portraying a message with typography. The key is finding the most effective method of delivering your message with the minimum amount of words.

Of course, the effective use of typography isn’t only related to the words that you choose but also to the fonts you select and how typography is incorporated into your design. As such, here are five methods you can test to begin using typography minimalism more effectively and improve your designs.

1. Understand Your Message

Prince of Letters

A great design is nothing without an equally stellar message. Therefore, you must first understand what message and mood you are trying to portray before you can effectively use typography. You hold immense control over your audience and what emotions they will feel from reading your message. Accordingly, first determining your message is an important task that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

2. Less is More

Tube - Typography

Many people can’t resist the urge to clutter up the white space in their designs with unnecessary information. Once you begin understanding that less is often more in graphic design, you will begin seeing immense improvements in your work. The effective use of white space can guide your audience directly to the design elements that you most want them to see and can increase the overall impression of the message.

Typography Friday

Typography Friday

Typography Friday -II

Typography Friday

3. Effectively Using Color

Arial in Luv

Typography Hand

White Hand

One great recent trend in the typography world is to use color minimally and to conserve the punchiest colors for the design areas where you want to draw in audience attention. For example, by using mainly black lettering in the design and drawing emphasis to specific words with a bright color such as red or orange, you will portray the intended message much more effectively rather than overloading the design with excessive coloring.

4. Combining Design and Typography

Typography Cup

A recent popular trend in graphic design is to combine design and typography into one fluid element. For example, if you are creating a design with a human silhouette and text elements, an effective way to reduce clutter and create a minimalist effect is to combine those elements by making the silhouette out of the typography. This is an attractive design effect that is very effective in grabbing audience attention.

5. Have Fun with It


Finally, many designers get so caught up with trying to be the next big name in the industry that they forget to stop trying so hard and just have fun with their work. You never know what typography uses you will discover when you simply allow your natural creativity to guide you without worrying about client demands and all the rules you learned in design class.

A Few More Examples:

Good Look -Type

Gana Art / 20090904.10D.52766 / SML

Garamond - Typo

Random Words

By taking your typography back to the essentials and adopting a minimalist mindset, you will be much more likely to portray your intended message in an effective manner. Audiences are overloaded with a variety of information each day and are more likely to pay attention to a refreshing design that doesn’t overload their senses with unnecessary clutter.

This is a guest post by Aimee Sway, blogging for PrintExpress.co.uk, the premiere online printing company. Follow her on Twitter @PrintExpressUK and like on Facebook!

25 Beautiful Typography Wallpapers For Your Inspiration

If you are designer or an artist you have used typography in one way or the other to communicate with you design & give a message using a type as element in your art. Typography is an oldest elements of design & if you are a designer who likes typography & always experiment with different type then this 25 Beautiful Typography Wallpaper will help you decorate your desktop screen that will help you inspire your new Typography design project.

1. Trance

Music Typography Wallpaper


Typography Wallpaper

3.You’re Gonna Be Amazing

Amazing Typography Wallpaper

4.Every Artist Was 1st an Amateur

Every-Artist-was-1st-an-Amateur Wallpaper

5.Playing With Type

Playing With Type Wallpaper

6.Dream Create & Inspire

dream create and inspire

7. Hindi Typography

Hindi Typography


Type & Grid

9.Trust Your Type

Typography Wallpaper Collection

10.Using Too Many Fonts

Too_many_Types Typography Wallpapers

11.I Love Design

I Love Design Typography Wallpaper

12. Typography Wallpaper

Type Wallpaper

13.Do Work Son – Wallpaper

25 Typography Wallpaper

14. I Like Typography

I Like Typography Design Wallpaper

15. Design Typography Wallpaper

Design in Typography Wallpaper

16. Helvetica Neue Typography Wallpaper

Helvetical Typography Wallpaper

17. Music Type Wallpaper

Music Typo Wallpaper

18. Typography is Sexy

Sexy Typography Wallpaper

19. Prettiest Girl Type Wallpaper

Prettiest Typography Inspiration Wallpaper

20. Think Again Typo Wallpaper

Amazing Typography Wallpaper

21. DeviantArt Typography Wallpaper

Deviantart Typography Wallpaper

22.Type Love Wallpaper

I Love Type Wallpaper

23. Typography Quote Wallpaper

Typography Wallpaper High Resolution

24. Journalist’s – Typography

Type Wallpaper

25. Typography Wallpaper

Typography Wallpaper

Stunning Objects Created Using Typography

Typography is an art and technique where different types of fonts in different sizes are arranged in a specific manner to convey messages very effectively. With these unique art of typography designer from around the world has taken it to the next level by creating different stuffs using typography. The following post features some stunning objects created using typorgaphy

Effile Tower

Stunning Objects Created Using Typography


Stunning Objects Created Using Typography

Beer Mug

Stunning Objects Created Using Typography


Stunning Objects Created Using Typography


Stunning Objects Created Using Typography

Light Bulb

Stunning Objects Created Using Typography

Big Ben London

Stunning Objects Created Using Typography

Mobile Phone

Stunning Objects Created Using Typography


Stunning Objects Created Using Typography

Coffee Cup

Stunning Objects Created Using Typography


Stunning Objects Created Using Typography


Stunning Objects Created Using Typography


Stunning Objects Created Using Typography


Stunning Objects Created Using Typography


Stunning Objects Created Using Typography


Stunning Objects Created Using Typography