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10 Things: Christmas Marketing Checklist

Christmas is the time of year where you have an opportunity to grow your business. One of the important way to achieve this is to use right marketing strategy that will maximize profits for Christmas and increase holiday sales. Give your business a boost this holiday season with the following 10-item Christmas marketing checklist. 1.

3 Things to Remember When Designing a Logo

A logo is one of the most important aspects of a company’s image. It signifies your brand value to the rest of the world. It is something that sets your company apart other companies, and a popular logo speaks volume about the goodwill that a product or service provider has earned among its client base.

Brochure Design: Tips, Examples & Free Templates

With today’s post on brochure design I have rounded up various resources like  tips on designing brochure, writing a copy for brochure & what type of papers is suitable for brochure printing online. Additional to that I have shared some examples of nicely designed brochure to inspire you, & have shared free brochure design templates

5 Rules on How NOT Use Social Media

Social media is a very powerful thing, but only if used correctly. Always remember that social media is build around being social. That means that being personable, honest, and entertaining is the best way to get users to interact with and about a business. The clue is to get users to trust and be entertained

Tips to Create Strong Passwords You Can Remember

The first line of defense for your email account or access to your computer is the password protection. Any of you transaction, action will not take place if you do not give a valid Username and a specific Password to the portal. The vitality of the password and username is such that your valuable information