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What Are The Differences Between Data Visualization and Infographics?

In the world of marketing and business, there are many different phrases and expressions tossed around. Two phrases that are often interchanged are the terms “infographic” and “data visualization.” While some people argue that the two terms are interchangeable, others believe that there is a marked difference between the two terms. Although both graphics are

Tools that can help You Visualize Your Infographic Data

You could see Infographics everywhere and you cannot just stop look at these. By able to present the information or data in a more organized/compact and innovative format, the infographic is playing a vital role in conveying the knowledge and engaging the target audience. The data or information presented using infographic simply gives the fun

8 Beautifully Designed Infographics on Education

With back to school ads and deals everywhere the eye can see and the start of classes fast-approaching, parents have switched their focus from fun, family vacations to things like school supplies, teachers and schedules.Infographics are great tool for education & with today’s post we are going to showcase infographics based on education. In light

7 Great Tips for Designing Effective Infographics

Infographics, or information graphics, tend to catch a lot of attention online. Some sources claim these information-based designs are 30 times more likely to be viewed than text because of this infographics have flooded the internet with vast number of design which are treat to our eyes & have easy to understand information. Their success