10 Hot New Design Freebies

It’s always a good idea to fill up on the latest and greatest graphic design freebies. Not only can you take advantage of new and emerging design trends, you can build a suite of graphics, brushes, backgrounds, icons, and more to have on-hand when a project calls for them – thus saving time and helping you make more money. Here are 10 of the newest graphic design freebies to hit the web.

1. 25 Chart and Graph PSDs

Make information easy to digest with attractive charts and graphs for sales sheets, brochures and the web.

Chart PSD

2. Debris Photoshop Brushes

Sometimes you need to add some accents to your design, but you’re not sure what. Random debris can be good, especially for explosive or grunge designs. Here are four free debris brushes for Photoshop.


3. Solar Theme

Stock up on free WordPress and Joomla themes so you’re ready to deploy websites at a moment’s notice … or at least so you have a good base design to start from. Solar Theme, from You Theme, is a new template available for both platforms.

Solar Theme

4. 100 Free Retro Labels and Badges

Both your web and print design work will benefit from these attractive retro label and badge vectors, all free for download.

Retro Badges

5. Cartoon Business Card

Are you a super hero in your industry? Let the world know with this attractive and fun cartoon business card template.

Cartoon Card

6. 32 Newsletter Subscribe Forms

Newsletters are perfect ways to connect with customers, and you can motivate more newsletter sign-ups with these 32 attractive (and free) subscription form designs.

Subscribe Form

7. 35 Flat Icons and Web UI Elements

Flat design is all the rage, and you can get on board with these 35 different flat icons and flat web UI elements, all free for download today.

UI Elements

8. Yahoo, Reimagined

Coalesce Ideas believes Yahoo should deploy a completely new, groundbreaking design. Since Yahoo won’t do it for itself, Coalesce Ideas decided to do it for them – and you get to benefit! Download their take on what Yahoo’s homepage should look like in an editable PSD.


9. 40 Eroded Fonts

Your choice of typeface is (almost) everything. Expand your options for punk, grunge, sports and more with these 40 free font downloads.

Eroded fonts

10. Alerion Theme

Another outstanding free website theme you can use as a base for your own designs, Alerion by Rocket Theme is perfect for Joomla event promotions.

Alerion Theme

Top 5 iPhone Apps With Amazing Icon Designs

Although the iPhone offers numerous user benefits, one of the most interesting features is that it provides programmers and even individuals the opportunity to unique icons for a number of different purposes. These icons can be extremely important and if designed properly, they will receive a great deal of exposure in App Store listings. So without further ado, let us take a quick look at five of the most innovating and eye-catching designs.



This photo sharing application has become one of the most popular for iPhone users. It comes with a variety of features and filters designed to lend a personal touch to any digital photograph. Furthermore, the streamlined and user-friendly nature of this software makes it easy to use and enjoy. The icon itself represents these things; it is a simple 1980’s style camera stripped back to its basics…flash bulb and all. This clever advertising signals both reliability and familiarity. It’s just a shame that this service is actually closing very soon!



As Instagram has proven ridiculously famous in the last year or so, it should come as no surprise that numerous apps have been designed to enhance the benefits that this popular software offers. InstaGenius helps users edit photos and choose numerous frames for photos rendered on Instagram. The representative icon bears a striking familiarity with the ever-popular Polaroid camera of the 1970’s and 1980’s while directly below the lens, a page of rainbow coloured paper is sliding out. This icon effectively demonstrates the editing and printing purposes of InstaGenius and it does so by bringing these familiar cameras of seemingly ancient history back to life.

 Galileo Offline Maps


As the name implies, Galileo Offline Maps enable a traveller to prepare an offline map for a journey before the journey even begins. This helps avoid the inconvenience of becoming lost in areas with no WiFi or GPS signal. What is interesting in regards to the icon is that it combines a relatively picturesque view of the Earth from afar with a bold and all-encompassing “G” that surrounds the planet. This conveys a sense of the dependability and protection that this service can provide.



When it comes to sheer interactive visual stimulation, the interesting game simply titled “midnight” will not disappoint. This tactile game allows users to move around planets and stars with a simple touch; literally placing the universe at the tip of their fingers. The icon for Midnight is appropriately represented by the moon in a 3/4 phase surrounded by stars and nebulae. This imagery provides an excellent representation of the visual enjoyment the user can expect to experience.

 Kikin Browser


What is perhaps most interesting about this icon is not the service that it provides, but rather the artistic prowess that has gone into its production. Kikin provides full-featured browser services for the iPad and iPhone, but the striking design of an iridescent lightbulb surrounded by numerous points of interconnected light surely make this icon one of the most attractive. Its curved shapes and distinctive, bold outlines hint at a streamlined functionality and an overall fun browsing experience.

So, we can see that the appeal of an icon can truly help bring life to the countless applications currently available. It will be interesting to see what additional works of art will appear as the year progresses.

Guest Post by Phil

Phil Benson is an iOS enthusiast and a games-obsessed gadget geek who spends rather too much of his spare time acquiring and playing the latest iPhone and iPad games and apps. Phil’s life-long love of all things tech leads to him being a highly active member of Xpango, allowing him to win all the latest gadgetry he needs to keep up with his obsession.

30 Free Ready To Use High Quality PSD Web Templates

One of the great developments on the web over the past few years has been the increase in web development tools, online editors, free web builders and templates that are making it easier for people to build their own websites.

If you’re a web designer, these tools and templates can be very helpful. Templates are great for learning, and also for developing new design styles to use.

In this post, I’ve gathered up 30 free PSD web templates that you can download, modify and use for your own sites or clients.


iPhone App Sales Web design

Free Portfolio PSD Theme

Web Template for a salon By konnekt

Pump – A free website psd template

Kroft PSD layout

Creative Gaming an Astonishing WordPress PSD Template

Free Magazine Template PSD – Threezine

Benito Free PSD template

Free Website Template for Web Design Studio

DigitalRust Website PSD

Torn free PSD Template

THISandTHAT: Vintage Website Template

Callmedia – Business Style Web Layout (PSD)

Eco Business PSD Template

PSD Template for Portfolio & Blog

‘Orange’ A free psd website template

Free Portfolio And Business Website PSD Template: Creative

Pinstrip – A free website template PSD

Inspired by Mac: Free PSD Website Template

Intent PSD Theme

Freebies Bonfire eCommerce Theme PSD

Darx A Creative Portfolio Template

Wordy – A Free website PSD download

Dead Stocker – Fashion Free PSD Website Template

Vintage PSD Template

Gridly – Free PSD Blog Website

Gastronymous – Free PSD Template (Food and Restaurant)

AppMaker Home Page Freebie (psd)

ViewPort: Magazine Site Template (PSD)

Your Turn

Tell us which of the following in the list you liked the most or have you used any of this on your website?

Guest Post by Eric

Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint and Facebook.

30 Eye Catching Hand-Drawn Web Designs For Your Inspiration

Hand drawn elements are a great way to add a personal touch to a web design. For many designers and freelancers, creating a personal connection is key to acquiring new clients, so hand-drawn elements can work perfectly. Hand-drawn websites gives personality to the site where the visitors can easily relate to its content. These hand drawn element add curiosity which helps the website to communicate their services easily with visitors of the site.

Even if you’re not an illustrator, it’s possible to use stock sketched elements or a website building tool, which you can find out about here.

In this post, we have showcase 30 hand drawn websites designs that will inspire designer to add hand drawn design elements to website design.


Kev Adamson




The Kennedys

Xhtml Cafe

Think Brown Stone


Hugs For Monsters

Bio Bak


Jrv Elasco


Cilantro Cafe

Dawghouse Designstudio

Li Chin’s Showcase


The Danger Brain


Club Carambolage

Tao Community

Deborah Cavenaugh

Draw For Joy

Html 5 Lab

WildLife Garden

Amo Digital

Jesse Willmon

Wired Mind


Kutztown University

If you’re looking for an HTML website builder, check out Website Builders World, were you can compare & choose different website builders that will help you create professionally looking websites easily.

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How Pinterest Can Inspire Your Next Project

Pinterest  is changing how we spend our time at home with family, how we create new projects at work, and how we pursue hobbies and crafts. Whether you need shot of inspiration for your latest venture at your day job or you want to revamp the look of your home, the pin boards at Pinterest provide excellent sources of inspiration that users can collect and then put to use in their daily lives.

Here are a few ways that Pinterest is revolutionizing the way we create at work and at home.

Pinterest Inspires Design Ideas

You don’t have to use Pinterest to make a direct imitation of project. Instead of creating a replica or a craft project on a pin board, some designers look through Pinterest for the spark of a design idea and then adapt the design for their own projects which may be in completely different mediums.

For example, writer Steph Vetne shares, “I often find scrapbooking and design inspiration from non-scrapbooking sources. There are patterns and designs everywhere you look – signs, paintings, color combinations, clothes, and on and on. Pinterest allows me to collect all those ideas in one place.”

Pinterest Inspires Business Owners

While many Pinterest users focus on their favorite recipes, clothing, and decorating images, Mashable recently featured BethMcShane uses Pinterest for her event planning business. She can provide sneak peeks of her events by sending clients to her pin boards. However, she can also find fresh ideas on Pinterest for decorating at her events.

More generally speaking, website designers are very interested in the “masonry”  lay out of Pinterest and its grid-based design for some of their projects. There are many websites that integrate the Pinterest lay out and use of images.

Photographers and Brides-to-Be Use Pinterest

Photographers can showcase their work on Pinterest, while brides can create boards of what they want for their wedding. Both parties can view one another’s pin boards and get a better sense of the other person. Brides can pick better photographers, while photographers can provide the kinds of pictures that brides are looking for based on their pin boards.

Carly Harrington writes , “More and more when meeting with brides, they talk about ideas they’ve gotten from Pinterest… And the business has even gotten inquiries from brides from other states who have seen their work pinned and subsequently repinned. Lisa Mueller, a photographer and fused glass artist, said people can get a more intimate sense of who someone is just by looking at the things they’ve pinned.”

Use Pinterest to Find Creative Talent

Besides inspiring projects, Pinterest can also inspire the right kinds of people to apply for a creative design job. Work Club, a London-based digital agency, released a job search advertisement on Pinterest that created a narrative about the kind of person they’re looking for based on images from movies such as Indiana Jones and Saving Private Ryan.

Pinterest Inspires Leisure Time

Pinterest is also changing how we spend our time at home according to an article in the Argus Leader: “‘Pinterest is like fantasy football for girls,’ said Jeannette Appold of Rosemount, Minnesota. The 44-year-old lawyer and mother of two says the social bookmarking site has added value to her life by bringing out creativity that she never knew existed.”

Pinterest is especially helpful when birthdays and holidays roll around, providing gift and meal ideas. According to one news report , “Paige Brown… uses Pinterest as a source of inspiration more than anything else. ‘I love to travel, craft and cook and it’s the best source for finding things to inspire you for anything you enjoy,’ she said. ‘I love to find baking and drink recipes to make for my friends and family, which came in very handy for the holiday season. I also enjoy crafting, and there are so many free tips, patterns and ideas for all kinds of projects. I especially love photography and crocheting tips.’”

Pinterest may be one of the most powerful tools available for inspiration in both your home life and work. Image-based pin boards are the perfect source for ideas that you can either imitate or use as a spring board for your own creation.

About The Author

This guest post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for a neon sign store that offers custom made neon signs, and who also consults for a task management tool company.