Stunning Objects Created Using Typography

Typography is an art and technique where different types of fonts in different sizes are arranged in a specific manner to convey messages very effectively. With these unique art of typography designer from around the world has taken it to the next level by creating different stuffs using typography. The following post features some stunning

20 Animals Created Using Typography

I really get amazed how any designer uses text to create art out of words.  They not only represent text differently but also artistically, this is why I love typography. It has evolved with time and have become a new category in design. BAT Hummingbird Typosaurus Snake Duck Shark Butterfly Cat Crab Squirrel Cheetah Zebra


An old article of mine written on 31/01/09, but  worth a view. hope you enjoy reading it. Today as usual I was using google search, then I came to know there is some problem with google it was showing the ERROR : THIS SITE MAY HARM YOUR COMPUTER, on each and very website it has

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