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10 Killer Ghost Design Photoshop Tutorials

Ghosts have haunted houses, literature, movies, television, artwork, and other media for as long as mankind has shared stories of the unknown. Ghosts in media feature many different manifestations, from “American Horror Story’s” living, breathing apparitions to the ethereal Will O’ the Wisps associated with bogs and marshes, to the transparent and unseen forces in

Create cinemagraphs on Photoshop in 5 Easy Steps

What comes in your mind when you stop by a moving object in a still photograph? A visionary illusion or some special effect? Well, technically it is called Cinemagraph. It really is a unique amalgamation between a still and animated object much more detailed than a conventional gif. In this age of computers and electronic

7 Must-Read Facebook Tutorials for Graphic Designers

Facebook is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, so whether you use Facebook for your own promotion or clients hire you to create Facebook-related designs for their own marketing purposes, you can learn some cool tips and tricks from the following seven must-read Facebook tutorials for graphic designers. 1. How to Combine Your Profile Picture and