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10 Best Graphic Design Blogs Today

What makes for a great blog? Great content. Knowing what your readers want and giving it to them is the only way to launch and maintain a popular blog. When it comes to graphic designers, there’s no shortage of blogs with great content. Designers love tips, tricks, tutorials, interviews, inspiration, portfolios, freebies and other material

Top photo plug-in to enhance a WordPress Blog

WordPress is immensely popular among CMS (Content Management System) users because it has a vast number of plug-in. Plug-in helps users to enhance their experience vastly. There is virtually nothing that plug-in cannot do – they can help users to navigate the website with ease, enhance the use of fonts, monitor site performance, help in

Tips and Apps for Focusing on What Matters

Finding focus in a demanding job and with many distractions at hand is a challenge. I find sometimes it’s easy to be tempted to visit a social media site. Or, I might ignore a pressing matter to spend time on something that’s not a priority. However, with the right approach to your workday and a