Zoho Project – Next Generation Project Management Tool

When working on large projects with multiple teams it becomes tedious task to keep track of everything at once. To make life easier there are multiple project management tools available that help you keep the project on task. Zoho Projects is one such tool that help you manage your projects easily & collaborates teams on one single platform that will get you going in right direction.

Zoho being a leader in CRM solution provider knows the users requirements very well & created Zoho projects which is everything a project management tool does. Some of the interesting features of this tool


Feeds are highly visual interface that is easy to navigate & use which provide effective communication between team members & helps to collaborates on the projects in real time.

Collaboration Software

Have your team scattered around different locations?? Worry not as this tool empowers your team to come together & work as team from single location putting everyone on same page, so as to keep the conversation going.

Project Management Plan

With Zoho Projects you can keep your work organized in way that will monitor progress with dependency & capture every detail of work that will improve overall efficiency so that you never miss deadlines

Document Management

Document management is an integral part of any project management tool & with Zoho Projects all files are stored & organized centrally so that each one in the team is informed & have the latest copies of the files that are being shared.

Dropbox Integration

Sharing large documents is have been a difficult task, but now with Dropbox integration sharing all type & size of files is simple copy pasting task from one folder to another.

Google Apps

With Google Apps integration now it’s easy to sync your task in Gmail & Google calendars so that you can easily track high priority events & updates.

5 Freaky Reasons Facebook Could Get You in trouble

Facebook, as you all know, is one of the most popular social media websites that has the distinction of crossing the 1 billion mark in membership. With such a vast member base, there are all types and categories of people, with varied ways of thinking, who appear on the site. Remember, they are just names and there is not a inkling that you have about them personally. Hence, it is important to remember to post only certain things on your page, as so many people can view it. Here are a few tips on what should and should not figure on your Facebook.

1.Personal Life ≠ Professional Life

The friend’s list is meant for close confidants with whom you can share almost anything that you consider very personal. Though there is a limit for the number of friends you can have on Facebook (5000) not all will be having that many friends listed, as it is next to impossible. However, just because you can add more friends, you do not have to go ahead and commit the capital blunder of including boss, colleagues (not close friends) supervisors, managers etc in your friends list. All these people will appear to be the friendliest souls on earth, however they need just one thing from you, that is to get the work done, at any cost.  It is not their fault, they are trained to think that way. If you remember to keep your professional life away from your personal life, it helps prevent major heartburns. What if you are upset over something or someone at work, and would like to rave and rant, just so that it makes you feel better? You certainly cannot do that while you have the entire office breathing down your neck on Facebook. So, remember, no work related person should be included in your friends list – make this a golden rule.

2.Beware of the Photos you upload

There is no question about the fantastic feature in Facebook, which lets you upload photos and share them with your friends and family. It could be snaps of the bundle of joy that became a new member of the family, or the memorable wedding that many friends could not make it too, and many more. It could be details of a great vacation you had, or the fun you had out in the wild. However, you cannot be sharing too much of a personal nature with the whole world. For instance, if you post pictures of your beautiful home, graphic details of the interiors, including your proud possessions, the latest gadgets that you own etc, you are inviting trouble that you can very well do without. Restrict the photos and images you want to upload, though the itch to do so exists in every person.

3.You do not have to keep tagging, wherever you may be

Who doesn’t like to tag or get tagged? However, you should not get too obsessed with tagging or getting tagged.  This is a kind of dangerous addiction, which you need to shrug off, with some effort. Constantly tagging your whereabouts is advertising to the whole world about your movements. You invite people to study a pattern in your movements, right from the moment you step out of your home. It is a kind of open invitation to criminals and people who indulging in kidnapping for ransom or simply breaking into an unoccupied home and walk away with the valuables. Let’s not invite trouble and exercise some caution.

4.Do not post your birthday details

It is common practice to post one’s birthday information; however, the only purpose it serves is inviting a few birthday wishes and e-cards. It is important to keep your birth date information secret. You may wonder, “what on earth could anyone do or want to do with my birth date? The answer is simple, researches claim that 7 out of 10 people choose their birth date as passwords or as part of email addresses. With the rest of it being your home address or your last name or initials. It does not  require a genius to add two and two to make four. So, though it is the easiest thing to remember, desist from posting either the year or the date of birth on Facebook.

5.Do not cuss in public

You may use four letter words to describe a friend just as a joke or in a moment when you are very mad at him or her. However, remember that whatever you post is open to the world of your friends and acquaintances whom you have accepted as friends (on Facebook) Refrain from painting a unsavory picture about yourself which can make people conjure up unwanted images of you in their minds. Ii is advisable to desist from going on record in public, only to have someone remind you about it at a later date, when you have conveniently forgotten about it. Doing things on impulse can be in person and never posted on Facebook.

 Guest Post by Kathryn

Kathryn Smith is a tech and entertainment blogger. She also identifies various Internet utility sites and shares them with fellow people. Off late, she takes special interest in studying anti-scam-phone-aggregator websites like the reverse call lookup.



How Serious Are You About Your Blog?

Blogging has become a way of life for many people on the Internet. Some have grown accustomed to occasional posts of what matters most the them while others have turned it into a full-time career. Regardless of how often you post your content, do you really take your blog as serious as you should? There are many ways you can add more appeal to your blog and create an empire of entertainment and information all from the comfort of your home.

1. Social Media Integration

th21 social media shutterstock

Adding social media buttons to your blog can help your readers share the content with others. It is a great method of advertising without investment aside from writing your content. For WordPress, using the AddThis plugin lets you add various social media links including Facebook and Pinterest to every post. Creating profiles on these social sites could have great rewards as well. It is the most cost effective way to promote your blog without the hassle of an advertising budget. The more exposure your blog has, the better off it will be.

2. Blogcast Radio

Internet radio is quite a popular format and adding your own “station” to your site could increase interest in your content. Much like “podcasts,” many sites offer assistance to those interested in providing these blogcasts into players of all kinds. Some of these providers will even help you setup a live call-in radio show for your blog.

3. YouTube Content


Adding YouTube content as a visual aid could drive your message deep into the minds of your readers. If you have a YouTube account and produce your own videos, this could be a great extension to developing your blog as a media hub. YouTube videos can gain the attention of search engines and others who want to embed your videos on their own website because they enjoyed your message. You could be getting visitors from countries you’ve never heard from.

4. Consistency

Subscribers of blogs love consistency and frequent updates. Provide your readers with current and constant content and they will keep coming back for more. You may keep a few regular readers by posting one or two pages per month, but you’d be wasting the potential of your website. Some successful bloggers could put in three posts or more per day in order to generate enough traffic to supplement a full-time income.

5. Mobile App Readers


There are several companies on the Internet that will assist you in developing mobile device app readers. These apps will stream the most current posts of your website to those who installed the application. These apps are tailor made in order to share your content on a mobile device without worry of resolution sizes and code restrictions of smaller hand-held screens. These apps can be added to your blog’s website as an installable feature for Android and iOS devices.

6. Guest Blogging


Many blogs will offer a guest blog post on the website. These posts usually allow a short bio of the guest including a link back to his or her actual website. Although this could help you gain traffic through links from those websites, it could also help you if you were to offer that same guest ability. This would help you generate a great deal of content for the search engines and help increase your Internet presence.

Merely posting content to your blog may suit your immediate goals, but turning your blog into a powerhouse of entertainment and/or information can be easily accomplished with the right tools. Take a long and close look at your blog and think about the potential it could have. There is a possibility that it could become a lucrative experience and release yourself from an eight-hour job in lieu of making more money by informing others.

Guest Post by Jason

Jason Miner an expert freelance writer loves writing articles on different categories. He is approaching different bloggers to recognize each other’s efforts through “www.blogcarnival.com”. He can be contacted through e-mail at jasonminer8atgmaildotcom.

7 Reason Why Your Business needs Dedicated Hosting

Running a business for an increasingly tech savvy set of users takes dedicated resources, cutting edge IT and professional expertise. Simply put, you cannot achieve this with internal functions and purchased hardware alone. Well you could, but the cost and time ramifications would be huge.

The best solution is migrating physical network infrastructure to a dedicated provider who can maximize the potential of IT for your unique business needs.

Running your business across a network that is performance optimized and reduces server load ultimately results in happier staff, more visitors, better search rankings and higher conversion rates. It all leads to more money in your pocket.

1. Reliable Network

Dedicated networks provide high-level processing capabilities within a resilient IT environment. Here, running your business through the fastest hosting service provides every level of user with reliable form and function, no matter how high the volume of traffic on your network.

2. Productive

Technology is opening up vast choices for us in every walk of life. Here, businesses need reliable networks to fulfil such choices and capture accurate needs analysis. Whatever the avalanche of data, complexity of user requests, spikes in traffic, etc. your network must be able to handle mass volumes, varieties and velocities of activity to keep people productive and happy.

3. Real-Time

To get your data where it needs to be, in the right hands at the right time, is a constant challenge. Turn it into a competitive advantage by having a network that can deliver messaging and information with real-time relevance. In turn, aid key decision makers working remotely or in the office and provide customers with the ability to buy instantly, painlessly.
State of the Art Customisation

4. High Level of Security

Dedicated networking maintains the integrity of your information pipelines, ensuring security is maintained while speed and agility of network traffic are not compromised. The fastest hosting providers use state of the art servers, networking protocol and multiple points of presence (POP) to optimise routing where it is needed most. They maximise your ROI because people can simply make the right decisions, first time, every time and make them more quickly than anybody else.

5. Exclusive To You

Most importantly, a dedicated Internet network remains yours and yours alone. It means you have total access to every available resource and all available bandwidth. With expert support monitoring and prioritisation of traffic flows across your network, you never have to make trade-offs with other customers, as is common when sharing a network.

6. Customized To Your Needs

Specifically built to your business requirements and administered for your exact user base, a dedicated Internet network creates the most robust and streamlined infrastructure your company needs in challenging financial times. When you are spending an increasing amount of money on IT, the last thing you want is to be stifled by a shared server or dumbed down in responsiveness because A.N. Other is hogging network resources.

7. Smooth as Silk

Hosted Internet networking as a managed service almost entirely eliminates interruptions and downtime. Maintenance, updates and troubleshooting can be performed with stealth, minimizing any impact to end users. Backup and recovery procedures too are effectively taken care of without impacting you as the customer. Keeping everything in and around your network running smoothly is priority No.1. It must always be the case.

Final Thoughts

Today, IT has the potential to significantly elevate a business through network infrastructure that is built on speed, agility and resilience. At a time when ROI means everything, running your business across the fastest possible network will be the most prudent move you make.

Confidently Recycle Your Computers To Aviod Data Theft

When it’s time to upgrade your office computers, you must carefully consider what you are going to do with your existing models.  In today’s world of information sharing and technological advancements, you must maintain control of your business data so that it won’t fall into the wrong hands.  The need has arisen for complete cleaning and formatting of computers and electronic equipment and reputable companies have stepped up to take command of the procedures that best handle data destruction.  A professional company should be hired to assist you in protecting the sensitive information that you have about employees, clients, and your products.

Security Is Paramount

It is important to have a safe and secure method of cleansing and reformatting your computers so that your business information will not be stolen by individuals who can use this information for personal gain.  When you do decide to recycle your equipment you should be aware of the restrictions regarding the environment and the damage that computer components can have on nature.  The company with which you partner should be ethical in their processes and operate under a mantra of honesty and integrity.  You should expect to receive a Certificate of Destruction which is provided for all electronic equipment that has been collected and properly destroyed; this lets you know that everything has been handled in a professional and complete manner.  You should include all of your hard drives, memory products, monitors, towers, printers, and laptops for destruction and make a request for recycling to be used when possible for the parts of these devices.

How Destruction Is Achieved

Dependable companies know that degaussing is the only guaranteed method of destroying data so that it cannot be reused or retrieved.  Your electronic equipment is put through a powerful magnetic field that makes all data useless; it cannot be reused or recovered.  Even if your hard drive doesn’t work, information can be gleaned by professionals who know the proper procedure so those machines should be included in your destruction process.  Degaussing is 100% guaranteed to keep anyone from capturing your sensitive data and using it for ill gains.  It’s important to ascertain that the company you hire to destroy your computers and electronic devices is working within the current industry safety standards as mandated by local governing agencies.  This is one step in a business plan that many companies omit, much to their chagrin later when problems arise and data is compromised.

Avoiding Problems

You have gathered a plethora of sensitive information as it relates to your staff, your client base, and your product development; it’s imperative that you handle this protection of your information in an effective and efficient way.  You should refrain from selling your computer equipment to a third party to recoup any funds that you spend for new machines; this will only lead to problems for you and the new owner.  Unless you have used degaussing for removing and destroying sensitive information stored on hard drives, the wrong individuals can get your data and use it for their own personal profit.  By destroying magnetic media, you are assuring your company of protection for the information that is key to your operations and expansion.

As you upgrade your magnetic media, consider eliciting the assistance of a professional team of experts to assist you with the destruction of your company’s data. It protects you and confidently disposes of the information that is so important to the efficiency of your business.

 Guest Post by Suzi

Suzi McKee is a US-based writer covering computer recycling and other quality information management services.  She writes on a freelance basis for several large blogs.