Iron Man Wallpapers From The Fans Around The World & 1 Awesome Posters

Iron Man 3 is latest movie release in the Iron Man franchise in which Tony Stark as an Iron Man has taken his interest of creating the Iron Man suit to a whole new level. Being a Fan of Iron Man myself, I collected some of amazing wallpapers created by different fans around the Globe & thought it would be a great idea to share the same with the readers of the blog.

So, with this post, I am sharing with you 30 Awesome Iron Man Wallpapers created by different fans around the world. Hope you will enjoy the post as much I have enjoyed creating it.

To download the wallpapers click on image which will redirect to source of the wallpapers.

1. Iron Man Wallpaper

1 iron_man_by_ornia-d4saici

2. Iron Man Flying Wallpaper

2 IronMan Flying

 3. Iron Man Spray Painting Wallpaper

3 iron_man_by_bombattack-d503lhi

4. Stark Technologies Wallpaper

4 iron_man_by_kidnotorious-d4ujg2k

5. Iron Man The Patriot Wallpaper

5 iron_patriot_vs_war_machine_hd_wallpaper_by_tommospidey-d62luug

6. Iron Man Fan Art Wallpaper

6 ironman_by_tremotino-d62gzdo

7. Iron Man Wallpaper

7 ironman_by_zahuli-d61oeva

8. Iron Man 3

8 iron_man_3_hd_wallpaper_by_tommospidey-d611h2y

9. Iron Man Wallpaper

9 iron_man_by_yorinarpati-d5navew

10. Iron Man Wallpaper

10 iron_man_by_ryster17-d5jb58e

11. Tony Stark With Iron Man Suit Wallpaper

11 Iron_man_tribute_by_jamga

12. Iron Man in A Fight

12 iron_man_by_chasejc-d4170c4

13. Tony Stark The Iron Man Wallpaper

13 the_iron_man_by_energizerii-d5x9iut

14. Iron Man Pencil Sketch Wallpaper

14 iron_man___tony_stark_by_shonechacko-d3af7jl

15. Iron Man Fan Art Wallpaper

15 Iron_Man_by_TheDEviLDweLLeR

16. Iron Man – Apple Style Wallpaper

16 Iron Man

17. Iron Man HD Wallpaper

17 iron_man_by_doppingqnk-d5yjxjy

18. Iron Man Fan Art Wallpaper

18 iron_man_by_oustins-d51ws17

19.  Tony Stark In Iron Man Suit

19 Iron_Man_2___Tony_Stark_by_nicojan

20. Iron Man & Ms Potts Wallpaper

20 pepperony_by_cylonka-d5jrb1b

21. Amazing Iron Man Painting Wallpaper

21 iron_man_painting_by_doodlewithgluegun-d5gkg4r

22. Iron Man  Mask Wallpaper

22 Iron_Man_by_xX_Convex_Xx

23. I am Iron Man Wallpaper

23 iron_man_by_shewolf294-d60aoow

24. Tony Stark – Iron Man Wallpaper

24 i_am_iron_man_by_kasu_kan-d514o5s

25. Iron Man Vector Wallpaper

25 iron_man_by_lightning_stroke-d4xtse3

26. Amazing Iron Man Wallpaper

26 iron_man___painting_by_lasse17-d4yjh6x

27. Iron Man Wallpaper

27 iron_man_wp_by_sweetamberkins-d573z76

28. Iron Man Drawing

28 iron_man_by_karenscarlet-d57u2a0

29. Iron Man Mask Wallpaper

29 iron_man_by_elsira-d51ru81

30. Iron Man & Pepper Potts Wallpaper

30 i_don__t_want_to_kiss_a_man_who_pees_in_his_suit__by_maya_notliketheother-d5hacjc

Iron Man Poster

0 iron_man___mark_7_by_pascal_verhoef-d53u889

Your Turn

Tell us which among the listed wallpaper you like the most in our comment section.

10 Cool Design Freebies

Graphic designers are always on the lookout for great design freebies they can use for their own print, web and mobile designs. From free vectors to icons to brushes to templates, design freebies can make your job faster and easier, and allow you to sell your services to budget-minded clients. Add the following 10 cool design freebies to your collection today.


  1. FC Webicons Set

FC Webicons is a set of resolution-independent social icons for use on your website. They use feature-detected SVG graphics (with PNG fallbacks) to display the icons over their appropriate negatively indented anchor titles.




  1. Fruit Brushes

Fruits are perfect for all occasions! These funky fruit brushes are ideal if you’re designing something that’s festive, this link contains fruit and other miscellaneous brushes.




  1. Paper Tab Social Media Icon Vectors

This set of social media icon vectors features 45 of the top social media icons in a unique paper tab design. It’s always cool to give your social media icons a custom makeover, and these tabs will help you give your website or application a custom design without the hassle.




  1. Free Bird Silhouette Photoshop Brushes

Get ready for spring with this collection of 40 bird silhouette Photoshop brushes, perfect for rounding out your springtime posters, flyers, brochures, catalogs and website designs.





  1. Hand Drawn Speech Bubble Brushes

Create cool hand-drawn comics with this set of 30 free speech bubble Photoshop brushes, which will help you design faster and easier.





  1. Vintage Print Ad Brushes

Ever wanted to reproduce a vintage newspaper ad in your designs? This set of 5 Photoshop brushes will help you do just that with a few clicks.




  1. Free Rust Texture

When the winter snow melts and the spring air hits metal, rust settles on metal. You can give your posters, text and other design elements a layer of rust with these five free Photoshop rust textures.




  1. Herb’a poils Photoshop Brush Pack

Add grass and bristles to your design outlines with this free Photoshop brush pack.





  1. Beautiful Girls Silhouettes

Make your Valentine’s Day designs sexy and romantic with this free set of beautiful girls vectors, each striking a provocative pose.




  1. Photogram WordPress Theme

This free WordPress theme features excellent design and unique functionality: it lets you integrate your Instagram and Pinterest photos with WordPress in just a few simple clicks.




Do you have any recent graphic design freebies to share? Let us know in the comments.

Author’s Bio: Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint and Facebook.


10 Fresh Photoshop Freebies For Your Next Project

Graphic designers are the unsung heroes of the Internet, and for one very good reason: few, if any, other groups of professionals so willingly share so many secrets, tips, tricks and, of course, Photoshop freebies. You can find tens of thousands of Photoshop freebies to help you craft almost any design, print or web, with a quick search. Each graphic design freebies represents a gift; another designer put in hours of skilled, hard work in order for you to be able to use their designs free of charge. And more design freebies are available every day.

If you’re looking to stockpile on premium Photoshop freebies, check out the following 10 new contributions by talented graphic designers. If you use one of these Photoshop freebies, don’t forget to take a quick moment to thank the designer. Doing so not only demonstrates appreciation, it fosters good will and motivates outstanding designers to create even more freebies. You might even make a good colleague – or friend – in the process.

1. Responsive Devices PSD Mockup

Want a quick and easy way to show how your new responsive theme looks on all devices? This free PSD lets you quickly insert screenshots of your theme on several different devices.

2. Ghoul Halloween Sketch Brushes

This free Photoshop brush pack features five ghoulish figures. If you love the brushes, you can get 14 more for $5.

3. Free Ribbon PSD Set

This premium ribbon set makes it easy to highlight awards, certifications, or other statements of accolade and authenticity. The set features six ribbons, and each is simple to edit for customization.

4. Super Clean UI Kit

This free UI kit makes excellent use of minimalism for an ultra-clean aesthetic. You can deploy this premium UI kit to web and mobile apps.

5. Free Retro Vectors

Open these free retro vectors in Photoshop and you can create your own funny ecards in no time! Also perfect for posters, brochures and even business cards.


6. Account Setup Form PSD

Use this free PSD as a base for designing an elegant, modern and attractive account setup form with Photoshop.

Account Setup Form PSD

7. Sketchy Arrow Brushes

These hand-sketched arrow brushes add a personal touch to your designs. Use them to highlight important copy, sign-up forms, download buttons and calls to action.

8. Hyperion Style

Heat up your text with this free Photoshop style, which uses lighting and shading to give your text a burning ember effect.


9. Meteocons PSD

Designing a new weather app or graphic? This set of free icons lets you display the forecast in a new, clean and unique way.

Meteocons PSD


10.Cute Patterns

So many patterns are reminiscent of wallpaper or grungy in appearance, which is why you’ll love the change of pace afforded by this set of two free cute Photoshop patterns.

Cute Patterns

Guest Author

Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint and Retro Vectors

Danbo Wallpapers – Cute, Adorable & Lovely Danbo Art

It has been long since I shared a post on wallpapers, for quite a long time I have this list post on Danbo wallpapers which I wanted to share which is combination of cute, adorable & lovely Danbo wallpapers. For some who are unware of the facts about Danbo, its a cardboard robot which was original created by Kiyohiko Azuma Japanese artist & later used by Amazon for marketing.

I hope you will enjoy these set of wallpapers with a smile & enlighten your mood with good vibes. So what are you waiting for start downloading these adorable Danbo wallpapers

 1 Danbo Showing Direction

 2 Danbo on the beach

3 Danbo on Guitar

 4 Danbo Playing Football

5 Danbo With His Child


6 Danbo with Glasses

 7 Danbo Exploring Rain

8 Danbo On his New Bike

9 Danbo on Forest Adventure

 10 Danbo Home

11 Danbo Enjoying Christmas

12 Danbo the photographer

13 Danbo Family

 14 Danbo in Snow


 15 Danbo The Carpenter

16 Danbo & The Kid

 17 Danbo on Camera Lens

 18 Danbo on Computer

19 Danbo With Gifts


 20 Danbo in the Jungle

 21 Danbo PhotoShoot

22 Danbo Loves to Read

 23 Danbo Cuttie

 24 Danbo enlightenment

 25 Danbo Father and Son

 26 Danbo in Garden

 27 Danbo & Football

 28 Danbo’s Bedtime Stories

 29 Danbo Smelling The Flower


 30 Danbo Fallen from the Bike

 Your Turn

Tell us which among the listed Danbo picture you liked the most. If you ask me my favourite is No 12 Danbo the photographer:)

30 Free Ready To Use High Quality PSD Web Templates

One of the great developments on the web over the past few years has been the increase in web development tools, online editors, free web builders and templates that are making it easier for people to build their own websites.

If you’re a web designer, these tools and templates can be very helpful. Templates are great for learning, and also for developing new design styles to use.

In this post, I’ve gathered up 30 free PSD web templates that you can download, modify and use for your own sites or clients.


iPhone App Sales Web design

Free Portfolio PSD Theme

Web Template for a salon By konnekt

Pump – A free website psd template

Kroft PSD layout

Creative Gaming an Astonishing WordPress PSD Template

Free Magazine Template PSD – Threezine

Benito Free PSD template

Free Website Template for Web Design Studio

DigitalRust Website PSD

Torn free PSD Template

THISandTHAT: Vintage Website Template

Callmedia – Business Style Web Layout (PSD)

Eco Business PSD Template

PSD Template for Portfolio & Blog

‘Orange’ A free psd website template

Free Portfolio And Business Website PSD Template: Creative

Pinstrip – A free website template PSD

Inspired by Mac: Free PSD Website Template

Intent PSD Theme

Freebies Bonfire eCommerce Theme PSD

Darx A Creative Portfolio Template

Wordy – A Free website PSD download

Dead Stocker – Fashion Free PSD Website Template

Vintage PSD Template

Gridly – Free PSD Blog Website

Gastronymous – Free PSD Template (Food and Restaurant)

AppMaker Home Page Freebie (psd)

ViewPort: Magazine Site Template (PSD)

Your Turn

Tell us which of the following in the list you liked the most or have you used any of this on your website?

Guest Post by Eric

Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint and Facebook.