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10 Fantastic Color Palettes for February

The month of February includes several potential themes you can draw from for selecting colors for websites, postcards, advertisements and other designs. Holidays such as Groundhog Day, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day, plus the lingering winter chill for many, lend a variety of potential “in-season” hues for February. Try one of the following

What Are The Differences Between Data Visualization and Infographics?

In the world of marketing and business, there are many different phrases and expressions tossed around. Two phrases that are often interchanged are the terms “infographic” and “data visualization.” While some people argue that the two terms are interchangeable, others believe that there is a marked difference between the two terms. Although both graphics are

10 Postcard Design Tips for Powerful Marketing

It’s no secret that postcard marketing remains one of the most powerful tools in small businesses’ marketing arsenal, which means as a graphic designer you probably design a lot of great-looking postcards. But beauty isn’t the only hallmark of a great direct mail marketing piece; in fact, when it comes to postcard marketing the aesthetics

6 Web Designing That Helps You Create Cool Websites

Today, the websites has turned out as the world’s biggest medium of information and data exchange. The ideas and techniques of web designing and development have given a big breakthrough in the world of web as because of these you are not able to make different online applications. There are so many applications, which are