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How to Align Labels in Web Forms

What is label alignment and why are we seeing so much fuss about this subject? Interestingly, one of the website design issues that causes a lot of dialog and thought is about the placement of labels on your website forms. Some of the main issues that continually arises over this web design area is how

Best Color Palette Generators

Before we talk about the best color palette generators maybe we should answer this question: what in the heck is a color generator? Good question! A color generator is an online tool or program for those looking for or needing a great website color scheme. Color generators are designed to help developers put together an

Showcase: 20 Awesome Bollywood Movie Websites

If Hollywood is all action, special effects & animation then Bollywood is drama, emotions & traditions. But there have been many Bollywood have improved & now following the footsteps of the west. One of them is launching new website to promote their movies, here i have shared some of the interesting official  movie website which

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