Win Big With the Right Web Design

Since the first commercial website emerged in 1991, the Internet has become an essential part of any company’s branding, as well as their marketing plan. When it comes to your company’s website, the design of the site is just as important as the message you are trying to convey. In order to ensure your message is reaching your customer base, the key is to keep your design simple and user-friendly. This is even more important if you’re in the business of running an online gambling website. Online gaming has exploded since the first site came online in 1994. With an estimated $4 to $6 billion in annual revenues, according to the American Gaming Association, you want to make sure your site stands out from the crowd.

Keeping up With Current Trends

Since Apple introduced the first smartphone in 2007, mobile betting through online gaming sites has been experiencing a huge increase. According to William Hill, the largest bookmaker in the United Kingdom, 2012 saw a 260 percent increase in mobile betting revenue with the numbers expected to continue to increase. It is in your best interest to keep this in mind when designing your online gaming site. When designing your site, you want your design and content to translate to any screen, whether it is a PC, tablet, or smartphone. The best way to ensure your site’s content will be able to be adapted to a variety of screens, is to create a responsive design. Unlike most company websites, a responsive site focuses specifically on the site’s performance, customer interaction, and user experience prioritization.

Maximizing Your Site’s Performance

Unless your customers are using a wireless network to utilize their phone’s data capabilities, their connection speeds will be significantly slower than that of a computer. In order to keep your customers from becoming frustrated at slow download times on their phones, keep your website images light, and your content simple. If you want your customers to be able to learn how to play poker online, be sure to highlight this information on your site.

Keeping User Interaction Simple

One of the most important aspects of your web design is how well your customers are able to interact with your site. This is especially true for gaming sites. With responsive design, this means your site controls will need to be properly designed so that their behavior doesn’t change if the site is being viewed on a different platform. The best way to test this out is to check the site on your smartphone as you design, so you can ensure consistency across the platforms.

Prioritizing Your User’s Experience

Your company’s call to action, or CTA, is its most important component. It is the thing that gets your site visitors to turn into loyal customers. This should be kept in mind when designing your online gambling site. If you follow the responsive design recommendations, your design will have properly sized and scaled images and controls, allowing your CTA to be displayed prominently no matter what size screen your customers are accessing your site from.

A responsive design will not only allow your site to be supported on a variety of screen sizes, but it will also save your company both time and money. Responsive design uses only one source code that can be seen across multiple platforms, reducing the amount of time your company will have to spend updating your site. With the ability to access your site from anywhere, your customers will be able to have fun placing their bets from home or on the go.

Business Cards design for your Business Marketing

I stand still strong every since I made a few business blunders myself but thank god, I didn’t make a capital damage. It was just that when I was beginning my little venture I had very less idea about all the essential stationery that is required. And one of them unfortunately was the business cards that I had conveniently forgotten because it simply didn’t occur to me.

So, why are business cards so important to your business? What a simple person starting a small business doesn’t know is that possibly if you are involved into service sector or product based then there are hefty chances that if your service is flawless then you will be recommended to many others by your customers who might be having their associates and colleagues who will be looking for something as similar to the one you are providing.

Pic 2


You even get on line business cards readied so that you can simply send it to your customers after you have completed a deal and they might want to keep necessary information regarding you. This gives them one stock information and it is a sure method of marketing for your business – trust me the customers might want to know more about the person with whom they are doing their business.

What with simple business deals that can go off well, your business gets that right kind of promotion also. Business cards for me proved to be great marketing tools because I had got them done – a bunch of them – in glossy and fine paper and some in matt designs. I am a big fan of using colorful cards and so I had my own unique design and font and format imprinted on it.

Business cards are no more reeling under the effect of the conventional realm of being plain white and rectangular. They are diversifying in style and essence and many people now prefer to get a huge variety of colors and fonts and textures to choose from so that they can get a funny and a goofy style of Business Card. Just by the normal standards, now business and business promotion too seems to have crossed the idea of the normal design that we are talking about. For traditional business men who have used only black and white this can be a fair change.

Pic 3

Also, I got a variety of colors to choose from in the background color of the card. This was the best part and I made a couple of flashy cards – I will call them – that were exclusively for my special customers and for some great probable causes when I might need to use them as a marketing tool. Remember one big thing – if you are there in the market, then market your business and give it a boost. It won’t work by sitting and wondering what the next best step is.

Guest Post by Christopher

Christopher is owner of a small time regular and local business. While he set up his business he made lot of positive marketing investments and included in them were attractive business cards.

10 Hot New Design Freebies

It’s always a good idea to fill up on the latest and greatest graphic design freebies. Not only can you take advantage of new and emerging design trends, you can build a suite of graphics, brushes, backgrounds, icons, and more to have on-hand when a project calls for them – thus saving time and helping you make more money. Here are 10 of the newest graphic design freebies to hit the web.

1. 25 Chart and Graph PSDs

Make information easy to digest with attractive charts and graphs for sales sheets, brochures and the web.

Chart PSD

2. Debris Photoshop Brushes

Sometimes you need to add some accents to your design, but you’re not sure what. Random debris can be good, especially for explosive or grunge designs. Here are four free debris brushes for Photoshop.


3. Solar Theme

Stock up on free WordPress and Joomla themes so you’re ready to deploy websites at a moment’s notice … or at least so you have a good base design to start from. Solar Theme, from You Theme, is a new template available for both platforms.

Solar Theme

4. 100 Free Retro Labels and Badges

Both your web and print design work will benefit from these attractive retro label and badge vectors, all free for download.

Retro Badges

5. Cartoon Business Card

Are you a super hero in your industry? Let the world know with this attractive and fun cartoon business card template.

Cartoon Card

6. 32 Newsletter Subscribe Forms

Newsletters are perfect ways to connect with customers, and you can motivate more newsletter sign-ups with these 32 attractive (and free) subscription form designs.

Subscribe Form

7. 35 Flat Icons and Web UI Elements

Flat design is all the rage, and you can get on board with these 35 different flat icons and flat web UI elements, all free for download today.

UI Elements

8. Yahoo, Reimagined

Coalesce Ideas believes Yahoo should deploy a completely new, groundbreaking design. Since Yahoo won’t do it for itself, Coalesce Ideas decided to do it for them – and you get to benefit! Download their take on what Yahoo’s homepage should look like in an editable PSD.


9. 40 Eroded Fonts

Your choice of typeface is (almost) everything. Expand your options for punk, grunge, sports and more with these 40 free font downloads.

Eroded fonts

10. Alerion Theme

Another outstanding free website theme you can use as a base for your own designs, Alerion by Rocket Theme is perfect for Joomla event promotions.

Alerion Theme

Why You Should Visually Explore the World Wide Web

I have encountered many things during my online adventures, but one of the most fascinating discovery was visual search engines. There is no doubt that the world today is more visual than verbal. People prefer TV to books, games to radio, and infographics to interminable verbosities. It is easier to digest images, than to read blocks of text, and when it comes to visual search engines, images are truly worth a thousand words. I have always been a visual person, and this is probably why the concept of visual search engines sounds so tempting.

How Visual Search Engines Work

In terms of functionality, a visual search engine works pretty much like a regular one. A user can type his query or keyword in the search box, and the software returns the result, with the only difference that the results will come in a list of images or videos through which you can navigate.  A V.S.E. Will look for image tags used by the webmaster, and according to relevancy it will return results. Moreover, although it is focused on finding visual content, this type of search engine will also discover the link between the image and the source. In other words if you find the image interesting, you can link back to the website on which it was used.

The Benefits of Visual Search Engines

Visual Search Engines 2

Most people cannot phantom the idea of using something else than Google for searches, but they might be surprised by the advantages and capabilities of a visual search engine. First of all, although the speed of visual search engines cannot be compared to that of regular ones, it is understandable that images are harder to list. Most people don’t have time to search for information through text-based websites, and visual content might be exactly what they are looking for.

Most such platforms are extremely interactive, which is a plus. They might prove a reliable source of traffic for HTML5 pages or websites that promote a lot of visual content. While some require special software that will reside on the desktop, it usually consists of a small plug-in which is free. For visual users, such an engine might become an online adventure due to the dynamic nature of the many platforms. Some display their results in the form of a list, while others use special arrangements like 3D cubes. Let’s take a look at some of the most fascinating visual search engine platforms.


1. Search-Cube

I was especially fascinated by Search-Cube because it displays results in a three-dimensional cube instead of using the classic style. The results appear as small, rectangular previews through which you can easily navigate. Search-Cube can display pages, videos, and images, and it doesn’t require a plug-in to use.

1. SearchCube

2. oSkope

oSkope is another example of visual search engine that has an interesting appearance and intuitive features. According to preferences you can change the way results are displayed. Moreover, this visual search assistant will help you find stuff from Ebay, Amazon, Flickr, Fotolia and Youtube. I believe that it can be especially useful for users that are looking to buy things online.

2. oSkope

3. TouchGraph

There is no better way to visually understand how the web is connected than by using TouchGraph. This platform has made it a mission to display results according to their connection with other pages. It is powered by Google technology, and it promises an interactive experience for users because they can customize their own map. In other words, the visitor can rearrange the map according to his own interests. In order to use this platform you will need a Java.

3. TouchGraph

 4. Cooliris

If you are interested in the latest news about, just about anything, then Cooliris is the visual platform for you. From the moment you open the extension for the first time you will be able to explore a dynamic 3D wall filled with news, images, blogs and many more. This software is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

4. Cooliris

5. Compfight

As a blogger I found this visual search engine particularly useful because it lets you explore visual content without having to open up new tabs, download the image and re-size it in order to fit the format of the page. If you decide to use its Word-press plug-in you will be able to easily navigate through Flickr photos. Compfight is the ideal choice for writers.


    5. Compfight

For bloggers, writers and webmasters, finding the best image can become a daunting task. Take travel blogs for example. Some people simply don’t have the time or resources to travel all around the world in order to provide users with original snapshots. Some people actually have to search for images, and while Google or Bing offer an enormous collection of images, most of them have been used much too much or are simply irrelevant. Visual search engines use different databases which might provide you with some fresh visual content that will come in handy later.

A lot of visual site owners have had a hard time optimizing their sites for search engine use. The good news is that there are ways to make a highly visual website look better on SERPs with the help of several SEO tweaks. Every business requires certain implementations in order to sell better, and visual search engines make use of these features. Some visual search engines have also been tweaked for people who are also looking for written content.

I haven’t mentioned SearchMe, because it is one of the most popular visual search engines, and because its capabilities are pretty clear. I have to say that I am very excited about the prospect of flipping pages like a book, rather than getting lost through endless pages of keywords and text. If you find something interesting, you can visit the page and find the information that you are looking for. If you are a crafter, blogger, or simply looking for awesome pics, visual search engines are the perfect choice because they spare users from all the useless images that are not relevant to your query.


Author Bio:

Anna Robeson is an experienced SEO professional who often consults with several digital agencies in NYC. She has recently decided to pursue her dreams, and she loves to write about social media, internet marketing and search engine optimization.

10 PhotoShop Tutorials Teaching New Skills

Whether you’re a degree-holding designer working for an agency or a self-taught freelancer, or any combination thereof, brushing up on your graphic design skills and knowledge is critical to staying relevant and employed. Photoshop is one of the most popular and preferred graphic design tools, which is why dozens of outstanding new Photoshop tutorials are released every month. Here are 10 new Photoshop tutorials that will help you continue to craft cutting-edge designs.

  1. Make a beautiful landing page with Photoshop

Design Instruct’s Stelian Subotin walks you through the process of designing a beautiful landing page in Photoshop in this detailed tutorial.


  1. Make cinemagraphs in Photoshop

Cinemagraphs are the new gifs, and they combine video and photo elements to help you draw attention to a specific part of our image or simply to add artistic flair. This tutorial shows you how to make them in Photoshop.


  1. Create high-quality avatars

Want to design an awesome avatar for your social and Gravatar accounts? This tutorial shows you how to get the most out of your avatar design with Photoshop.


  1. Underwater Typography with Photoshop

Ever see those black “smoke” columns on the sea floor? You can emulate that style in typography by following the detailed steps in this Photoshop tutorial.


  1. 3-D gold text

The opposite of billowing plumes, this sharp and bold gold text can help you make your brochure and web headlines stand out. Learn how to make it in this Photoshop tutorial.


  1. Draw an electric guitar in Photoshop

Amp it up with this ultra-cool Photoshop tutorial from PSD Tuts Plus that shows you how to draw a realistic-looking guitar in Photoshop – from scratch.


  1. Guitar string typography

Rock out with this guitar string typography, achieved via Photoshop’s advanced editing features. Learn how to do it in this tutorial.


  1. Compass design tutorial

You don’t have to be a cartographer to chart a new course with this super-detailed compass design tutorial.


  1. Iron Man

Draw and color an awesome Iron Man mask with this step-by-step tutorial that uses both Photoshop and Illustrator to achieve the final effect.


  1. Compositing unruly hair

One of the biggest challenges of photo editing is hair. Unruly hair can ruin an otherwise great shot, but you can use Photoshop to tame it in this tutorial.



Author’s Bio: Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint and Facebook.