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Image Formats: Which is Best for What

If you are a busy person who uses the computer everyday, chances are you have found yourself dealing with image formats for pictures, posters, and logos among many other things and wondering about the differences. The question is always: what format is the best to use in most instances? The answer is: None of them

HOW TO: Design for Different Screen Sizes

Designing websites and online interfaces is no longer as simple as designing for a single user screen resolution. The days of single resolution desktop computers have passed, giving way to a wide range of smart phones, touch interfaces, and other devices. This range of user interfaces has complicated the designer’s job, leaving many wondering how

How to Align Labels in Web Forms

What is label alignment and why are we seeing so much fuss about this subject? Interestingly, one of the website design issues that causes a lot of dialog and thought is about the placement of labels on your website forms. Some of the main issues that continually arises over this web design area is how

Get Inspired! Minimalistic Typography

You don’t have to write a lot to say a lot. In fact, sometimes less is more when it comes to portraying a message with typography. The key is finding the most effective method of delivering your message with the minimum amount of words. Of course, the effective use of typography isn’t only related to

Best Color Palette Generators

Before we talk about the best color palette generators maybe we should answer this question: what in the heck is a color generator? Good question! A color generator is an online tool or program for those looking for or needing a great website color scheme. Color generators are designed to help developers put together an