10 Best Graphic Design Blogs Today

What makes for a great blog? Great content. Knowing what your readers want and giving it to them is the only way to launch and maintain a popular blog. When it comes to graphic designers, there’s no shortage of blogs with great content. Designers love tips, tricks, tutorials, interviews, inspiration, portfolios, freebies and other material published by many graphic design blogs. And given that many blogs publish the same type of material, it can be difficult to pick which to regularly read. There are hundreds of outstanding graphic design blogs out there, but here are my picks for the top 10 best graphic design blogs today. Do you agree?

1. Grain Edit

Grain Edit focuses on graphic design work produced from the 1950s to the 1970s and contemporary designers who are inspired by those styles. What I like is that you will find designs showcased here that you won’t find anywhere else, so you get a fresh perspective – even if the original styles are dated.

2. Just Creative

The blog of working designer Jacob Cass is a longtime favorite, primarily because Cass offers real-world, real useful information that others leave out.

3. Logo Design Love

Created by expert brand designer David Airey, Logo Design Love has an authentic voice and a penchant for relevance.

4. Designrfix

A mash up of various design topics, often written by guest contributors, Designrfix has a little of something for everyone. Its editors take care to ensure a unique experience.

5. Graphic Design Blender

You won’t find any Photoshop tutorials here. Instead, you’ll get advice about the business side of graphic design – a must-read for any graphic designer who wants to achieve greater success.

6. AisleOne

This blog is devoted to minimalist design, typography, grids and modernism — essentially, contemporary design.

7. Design Observer

If you want premium content, start with Design Observer. The articles are outstanding and written by expert sources.

8. Mark Boulton

Successful designer, publisher, and speaker Mark Boulton lends his unique insight into the world of design and also shares stories about some of his more interesting work on his blog.

9. Speckyboy

At first glance, it might seem like a catch-all; but make no mistake, this blog is well-edited and features articles about web design and more.

10. Naldz Graphics

Hands-down one of the most useful graphic design blogs on the web.


What’s your favorite graphic design blog?


10 Hot New Design Freebies

It’s always a good idea to fill up on the latest and greatest graphic design freebies. Not only can you take advantage of new and emerging design trends, you can build a suite of graphics, brushes, backgrounds, icons, and more to have on-hand when a project calls for them – thus saving time and helping you make more money. Here are 10 of the newest graphic design freebies to hit the web.

1. 25 Chart and Graph PSDs

Make information easy to digest with attractive charts and graphs for sales sheets, brochures and the web.

Chart PSD

2. Debris Photoshop Brushes

Sometimes you need to add some accents to your design, but you’re not sure what. Random debris can be good, especially for explosive or grunge designs. Here are four free debris brushes for Photoshop.


3. Solar Theme

Stock up on free WordPress and Joomla themes so you’re ready to deploy websites at a moment’s notice … or at least so you have a good base design to start from. Solar Theme, from You Theme, is a new template available for both platforms.

Solar Theme

4. 100 Free Retro Labels and Badges

Both your web and print design work will benefit from these attractive retro label and badge vectors, all free for download.

Retro Badges

5. Cartoon Business Card

Are you a super hero in your industry? Let the world know with this attractive and fun cartoon business card template.

Cartoon Card

6. 32 Newsletter Subscribe Forms

Newsletters are perfect ways to connect with customers, and you can motivate more newsletter sign-ups with these 32 attractive (and free) subscription form designs.

Subscribe Form

7. 35 Flat Icons and Web UI Elements

Flat design is all the rage, and you can get on board with these 35 different flat icons and flat web UI elements, all free for download today.

UI Elements

8. Yahoo, Reimagined

Coalesce Ideas believes Yahoo should deploy a completely new, groundbreaking design. Since Yahoo won’t do it for itself, Coalesce Ideas decided to do it for them – and you get to benefit! Download their take on what Yahoo’s homepage should look like in an editable PSD.


9. 40 Eroded Fonts

Your choice of typeface is (almost) everything. Expand your options for punk, grunge, sports and more with these 40 free font downloads.

Eroded fonts

10. Alerion Theme

Another outstanding free website theme you can use as a base for your own designs, Alerion by Rocket Theme is perfect for Joomla event promotions.

Alerion Theme