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What Are The Differences Between Data Visualization and Infographics?

In the world of marketing and business, there are many different phrases and expressions tossed around. Two phrases that are often interchanged are the terms “infographic” and “data visualization.” While some people argue that the two terms are interchangeable, others believe that there is a marked difference between the two terms. Although both graphics are

10 Tips to Push Your Business Ahead with Smart Mobile Marketing Push Notifications

Street Fight, a media, events and research company, focused on the business of hyperlocal (local community) marketing have release results of a recent poll conducted on their behalf by third-party opinions website Toluna. They found that 50.7 percent of the polled 1,000 anonymous U.S. consumers who own handheld devices, would consent to a smartphone app

5 Website Design Tools That Make It Fun To Click

Infinite resources exist for learning how to design landing pages that convert customers, but a more valuable tool than a simple landing page is a fun, interactive experience that motivates customers to take action. Online design tools let customers instantly envision their projects while helping sell the appeal of your products and services. The following

4 Ways to Make the Workplace More Fun

Work isn’t supposed to be fun, right? If it were, then they wouldn’t call it work. Well, yes and no. No one is saying that the workplace should be a 24-hour party place, but a boss manages to achieve the right balance between a productive workplace and a fun atmosphere in which the employees actually